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Ji'an Zhongxiang Natural Plants Co., Ltd.
Fabrikant voor maatwerk
Belangrijkste producten:Etherische olie bulk/oem etherische olie/borneol/drager olie, hydrosol
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Company Profile
Ji’An ZhongXiang Natural Plants Co.,Ltd is a factory that specialized in essential oils,carrier oils, herbal oils, compound essential oils, massage oils, flowers water and some plants extract like natural borneol,menthol . We not only provide our products in drums,but also offer OEM Service.

As an essential oil manufacturer,we have our own planting base and extraction machine for producing our products. We also import many raw materials like Rose Flower, Moroccan agran, Australian Tea Tree leaves,Bulgarian lavender .  

In order to offer clients OEM service,we have dust free cosmetic room and machine to offer clients small bottles essential oils or flowers water. We can customize clients' package or offer personalized formula. 
Quality is always the most effective competitiveness on market, and we always insist in this principle to offer products to our clients. As a reliable supplier, we have got the certificates of ISO9001, GMPC. Our laboratory can offer clients the product test results too.
Since company was found in 2010, there are about 200 employees and we have a integral system for company operation. The system include different departments for management, production, warehouse, R&D, sales, purchasing, quality, customer service. With continuous development of the company and the increasing number of employees, our company also purchased a lot of large high-end production equipments, so sales team moved to a new office building at the end of 2019 and completed the construction of a new workshop in 2020.
Our company covers an area of 10, 000 square meters, has more than 200 employees, has its own production lines.
We have a professional design and production technical team, design unique, durable high-quality products.
Our annual export volume is up to 100 million pieces, and our products are sold to more than 36 countries in the world.
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Factory supplier Wholesale Private Label Aromatherapy Bulk Pure Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil New For Cosmetic
US $86 - 88 /Kilogram
Excellent Quality Cedarwood Pure Cedar Wood Essential Oil
US $23 - 25 /Kilogram
Small Package 100% Pure Concentrated Sweet Orange Essential Oil Orange Peeling Massage Oil
US $24 - 26 /Kilogram
OEM Rose Essential Oil Facial Whole Body Massage Moisturizing Repair Essential Oil
US $122 - 125 /Kilogram
Bulk Organic Hair Growth Peppermint Essential Oil
US $20 - 22 /Kilogram
Wholesale Supplier of Pure Natural Aromatherapy Tea Tree Essential Oil at Best Market Price
US $23 - 25 /Kilogram
Jasmine Essential Oil Wholesale 100% Pure Natural Plant Essential Oil For Aroma Diffuser
US $124 - 126 /Kilogram
Lemon Essential Oil & Natural ( Citrus X Limon ) - 100% Pure Diffuser Essential Oils Aromatherapy Skin Care Top Grade OEM/ODM
US $36 - 38 /Kilogram
OEM/ODM Top Grade Massage Essential Oil Pure Extract Natural Ylang Ylang Oil For Diffuser
US $33 - 35 /Kilogram
Top Grade Essential Oil Bergamot Organic Essential Oil Suppliers 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil Bulk
US $43 - 45 /Kilogram
Rosemary Essential Oil Skin Care Oil Essence Hair Growth Oil Cosmetic raw material
US $36 - 38 /Kilogram
Top quality hot selling wholesale price private label cosmetic bulk plant oil pure industrial free samples pine oil for daily
US $11 - 13 /Kilogram
100% Pure Natural Price Sandalwood Essential Oil Price India Sandalwood Oil For Candle
US $118 - 120 /Kilogram
Fragrance manufacturers Japanese cherry blossom sakura fragrance oil Scented Candle fragrance oils
US $93 - 95 /Kilogram
High Quality Pure Grapefruit Essential Oil Wholesale Bulk Price Grapefruit Oil For Skincare Massage
US $38 - 40 /Kilogram
Top quality natural fast delivery essential oil cinnamon
US $16 - 18 /Kilogram
100% natural Sex body massage oil Tea tree oil essential oil set Private Label
US $0.8 - 1 /Piece
Aromatherapy essential oil new set-Therapeutic Grade essential oil gift set kit private label top 6*10ml bulk free sample
US $3.8 - 4.36 /Set
OEM essential oil new set-Top 6/8 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy Oil Gift kit for Diffuser
US $3.8 - 4.36 /Set
Wellness essential oil roll on set - Headaches Relief, Mood Booster & Better Sleep with 10ml private label roller bottles
US $2 - 2.8 /Piece
Private label blend essential oil roll on set - Destress & Relaxation, Healthy Skin, Soothe Muscle with 10ml roller bottle
US $2 - 2.8 /Piece
Gifts Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend Set of top 6 Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils 10 ml Synergy Blends Include Breathe Sleep Anxie
US $5.5 - 5.5 /Piece
Hot Wholesale OEM/ODM 100% private label Natural Pure armotherpay oils massage Roll On
US $0.9 - 1.2 /Piece
OEM Essential Oil Variety Set Kit - 6 Pack - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils 10 ml Aromatherapy Gift Set Private Label
US $3 - 3.5 /Set
Bakery Set of Premium Grade Fragrance Oils - Pumpkin Pie, Cupcake, Sugar Cookies, Coffee Cake, Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread 10ml
US $3.5 - 4 /Set
Factory Supply Private Label Natural Linen and Room Spray Pillow Linen Mist, and Fabric Spray. Aromatherapy Spray for Relaxation
US $1 - 1.5 /Piece
Scent of A Woman Gift Set Guava Colada Type Twilight Woods Type Bali Mango Type Passion Fruit Juniper Breeze
US $2.5 - 6 /Set
Blend essential oil set gift 6x10ml Include (Melancholy relief stimulate Stress relief Fresh Air Good sleep keen focus)
US $3.8 - 5 /Set
Christmas 10ml Gift Set Essential Oils Set 14 Oils Great Gift! Thieves Stress Relief Plants Oil
US $5.9 - 9 /Set
OEM Multi-Use Oil for Face Body Hair Massage Oil Jasmine Blend with Jojoba,Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil lighting
US $2.2 - 2.5 /Piece
OEM factory China aroma therapy oil body massage oil essential oil set 6 Pack 100% Pure Natural Therapeutic
US $5.4 - 5.6 /Piece
Essential Oils Aromatherapy Roll-On 10 m pure plant essential oil set teraputic grade
US $3.5 - 4 /Piece
High Quality Essential Oil Gift Set Aromatherapy 14 *10ml Pure Tea Tree/Lavender/Eucalyptus/Peppermint Essential Oil
US $4.8 - 6.5 /Set
manufacturer supply wholesale bulk fast Strengthening hair growth castor oil for all hair types
US $7 - 8 /Kilogram
Bulk amla oil - 100% pure natural cold pressed virgin amla oil Base Oil Supplier For Massage
US $10 - 12 /Kilogram
wholesale bulk carrier oil 100% pure natural organic cold pressed avocado oil for cooking base oil
US $10 - 12 /Kilogram
Factory Supplier Food Grade 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil
US $3.3 - 4 /Kilogram
hemp essentialn oil,skin body care 100% pure natural private label hemp seed oil organic
US $15 - 18 /Kilogram
Wholesale bulk Cold Pressed organic jojoba oil pure natural jojoba oil for hair
US $11 - 13 /Kilogram
Wholesale 100% Pure Walnut Oil Bulk Cold Pressed Walnut Oil Cooking Oil
US $6.9 - 8 /Kilogram
Wholesale Bulk Price Hair Growth Refined Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Organic Castor Seed Oil
US $7 - 8 /Kilogram
Wholesale bulk natural organic hemp seed oil with good price hemp oil essential oil suppliers
US $15 - 18 /Kilogram
Top Quality Hair Grow 100% Pure Natural Organic Amla Essential Oil
US $12.5 - 15 /Kilogram
Bulk Wholesale Organic Avocado Oil Extra Virgin 99% Pure Seed Virgin Avocado Oil For Skin
US $10 - 11 /Kilogram
Wholesale 100% Pure Organic Natural Cold Pressed South Africa Marula Oil
US $9 - 10 /Kilogram
Natural Rosehip Oil Bulk Rose Hip Seed Oil For Face Care Rosehip Oil Organic Cold Pressed
US $18.5 - 20 /Kilogram
100% pure organic Moringa seed oil Moringa oleifera Lam Moringa oil for cosmetic
US $21.5 - 23.5 /Kilogram
Supplier Wholesale Bulk Price Skin Care 100% Pure Natural Organic Safflower Oil
US $6.6 - 6.95 /Kilogram